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simple push-button dispensing no pumps, balloons, floating disks, or needles — costs only around 1¢ per bottle to operate & will serve a bottle a week for a full year – right out of the package!

Sensible, Scalable Wine Preservation and Dispensing

Now with included, optional aeration feature – Aereserve

                             Single Bottle Aereserve – LW1                Two Bottle Aereserve – LW2

UPC Part Standard littlewine™ Configuration Prices Price
040232168635 LW1 (Amazon) Single Aereserveset with SS Regulator

(SodaStream Cylinder not included)

$     199.00
040232168628 LW2 Two bottle Aereserveset with SS Regulator

(SodaStream Cylinder not included)

$     298.00
040232168642 LW3 (Amazon) Additional AR Bottle Head & Tandem Connector $       99.00
040232168666 LW4 Expansion Manifold  – specify 3-7 bottle add-on $       18.00
(no UPC use PN) LW5 Regulator for Refillable PB CO2 Cylinder

(Swap at no charge for SS Regulator @ LW1&2)

$       48.00
Commercial Configuration Options (multi-LW3 setups w/o aeration)
(no UPC use PN) HPR Nitrogen or Argon (high pressure) regulator assembly (cylinder not included) $     118.00
(no UPC use PN) LPR LP Regulator (low pressure) to tap 3/8” co2 soda/beer supply line $       17.00
(no UPC use PN) LW4 Expansion Manifold   – 3-7 bottle add-on $       19.00
040232168659 SR4-S (Amazon) 4-Bottle Speed Rail set (does not include aeration option or gas components) $     590.00
Replacement Parts
(no UPC use PN) NC2 Night Cap replacement set (2 pieces) $         2.00
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